Who We Are

Techspert Data Services grew out of a long-time passion for computers and networking by its founder Adam Siemienski since he was in grade school and the start of the personal computer craze. After high-school, a search for degrees for computer networking came up blank so Adam opted for engineering. With a Mechanical Engineering degree (BSME) in hand from the University of Akron at 23 years old, Adam began his professional career as a junior Mechanical Engineer at a steam generating plant in Cleveland Ohio, focusing on any chance to help support the corporate data network. Fast forward through a short stint as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a partnership with a local construction accounting software developer, and a network engineer for the largest technology consulting company in NE Ohio at the time. He continued building client relationships and supporting small business networks during evenings and weekends all the while running the helpdesk for a local 450-user health insurance company in Akron. Incorporating in 2002, Techspert Data Services was a trade name for the technology consulting side of business. Later in 2012, Techspert Data Services was incorporated as its own legal entity.

The Techspert brand came from the combination of technologies experts— providing decades of expertise to customers with 10 to 100’s of users.

Our motto is “Secure your data first, make sure it is available no matter what, then everything else is easy! “ 

We’ll show you the 5 areas of breach inherent in any network.  We’ll provide a customized plan to secure these areas, and we’ll show you how you can optimize your IT spending for one cost-effective monthly price with no surprises. 

Technology Experts.  It’s in our name!

One Source. Every Solution.

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