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Could Your Website Reach More People?

Your website has served you well for many years now.  It was designed specifically for your company and it had the look and experience you wanted to portray.  It effectively communicated your company message to your customers.

Website technologies change rapidly every few years and with those changes, significant advances can improve all aspects of your online presence.  We highly recommend a site overhaul to take advantage of current technologies.

One of the most substantial website changes is how they are displayed.  In the past, sites were designed for the most popular screen resolution—content was in the center of the screen and was fixed.  Today there is a fresh new look with web pages that expand automatically to fill the screen.  Also, the increases in internet bandwidth have allowed the use of large eye-catching banner photos and videos and text is larger with plenty of white space so it is easier to read.

Seven years ago, only 16% of site visits originated on a mobile device.  That number has skyrocketed to 53%!  This means that over half of all users visiting your site will attempt to pull it up on a mobile device.  Their expectation is for a smooth, efficient, positive viewing experience.   Aged sites will only disappoint, and that user may decide never to come back!

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Don’t have a website yet?

Let us establish your presence on the web!  We can design and build your website including implementing organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so your site can be found via popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Our graphic artists can design a site tailored to your business with a look and feel uniquely yours by incorporating corporate logos, themes, etc.

Our web developers at Techspert utilize state-of-the-arttechniques, like Responsive Design, Mobile First and Content Management with WordPress.  The idea is one site – multiple display layouts.  Your website would look great on any device, mobile or otherwise!  All designs adhere to the latest standards and are specifically designed for you.  The information you have today can be ported to a fresh new look and feel with only a small amount of your time invested as compared to the first time around. We even add a Content Management System (CMS) that allows anyone you choose to upload new content and photos if you would like the ability to refresh areas more frequently without the knowledge of website programming.

Make Sure You Reach Your Customers

Upgrade your existing site or set up a new site.  Technology has changed rapidly and the way your customers view your site has changed too.  Don’t be left unprepared.  Techspert can build you the website you need for a fraction of the cost charged by Web Development/Marketing companies.

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If you need to register a domain, purchase web hosting, SSL Certificates, or add an IMAP email account for your domain, we offer these services as a value-add to our customers.  Many times at much lower costs than or other domain service sites. 

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