Zero Trust Network Cybersecurity

Perimeter Defense

Gateway defenses, commonly called Firewalls, have evolved significantly in the past decade to include Next-Gen Firewalls or Universal Threat Management (UTM) appliances. Their purpose, protect the gateway to your internal network from the internet.  This is a crucial layer of defense.  But just having a firewall in place isn’t nearly enough.  Because the threat horizon constantly changes, the bad actors continue to develop ingenious methods of penetrating the gateway and thus an improperly configured firewall is an easy way in. 

Techspert’s stance is to start at zero.  Nothing comes in and nothing goes out.  We then allow inbound and outbound,  ONLY what is necessary to run your business.  All other traffic is forbiden, period.

In order to provide the necessary protection at the gateway, Techspert has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies for over 15 years and utilize their appliances as our time-tested crucial layer of perimeter support.

Trust and Zero EndPoint Protection

Zero Trust (ZT) is allowed by a set of rules or policies. This means that if ransomware tries to run on one of our systems, it is denied instantly!

What if an application has been given permission because it is believed to be legitimate and thus trusted, but later ends up being some form of malware?  No worries!  Our system can roll-back all changes from when the application was allowed, basically restoring a system to a state before the infection took place!

When it comes to traditional protection, antivirus comes to mind.  Our solution transcends traditional signature-based antivirus (McAfee, Symantec, Eset, Kaspersky Labs to name a few) and utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help determine whether or not a file is malicious.  Combine this with logged forensic data of any incident showing a timeline and every process affected and you have the most advanced, secure system available on the market.

Never Worry About Ransomware Again!

Techspert’s time-tested and proven solutions greatly minimize risk of an attack.

Conceptual cybersecurity image: a 3d modeled rendering of a padlock on a metallic tech background