TotalCare Managed Technology Services

Improve Your IT Spending Effectiveness

Techspert can demonstrate your IT spending effectiveness and show you how to get more out of those dollars through our two TotalCare offerings.

You may have heard the acronym MSP.  What is it?  A Managed Services Provider, generally speaking, can provide an entire team of IT professionals at a much lower cost than hiring your own staff to cover all areas of technology expertise required to run your business. 

We have the capability to manage your entire IT infrastructure 24x7x365 by utilizing software platforms for customized process automation on physical devices like servers, computers, and laptops.  Our incident-management platform keeps track of any issues you may experience along with a documented progress to resolution. 

This video helps to explain the concept.

Our solutions start with a non-intrusive network discovery of all devices and users.  From there we implement our tools and expertise to begin monitoring and maintaining a highly secure, low-risk technology infrastructure allowing for maximum user uptime.   

Our motto is Secure your data first, make sure it is available no matter what, then everything else is easy!

What Makes Techspert Different

Our simplified process and proven custom solutions enable us to quickly and efficiently mitigate high-risk areas associated with your network data and ensure its availability to users.  We focus on 5 specific areas of security breach to which every company is vulnerable.  Once our layers are implemented, your risks are significantly reduced with minimal hassle from an end-user perspective.

We will start by demonstrating your IT spending effectiveness and show you how to get more out of those dollars.  With easy to follow areas of focus highlighted by RED (needs immediate attention), YELLOW (attention is required) to GREEN (everything is good), our custom graphical risk-based assessment report is highly valued by our clients and is used as a baseline for subsequent reviews.

This is an image of the 3 Risk Report pages.

Our TotalCare Solutions

Techspert’s TotalCare solutions encompass all aspects of your technology footprint. We customize SECURITY LAYERS and when combined, have been proven to mitigate high-risk data breach areas in any industry and network.  As proof of our customized layered approach, to date our entire customer base has not had a single incident of extended downtime due to any form of malware, including ransomware.

We start by securing your data then making certain it is available to users, regardless of any disaster.  Once we have accomplished these main goals, we continue monitoring, managing, and maintaining the entire infrastructure for one cost-effective monthly price.

Because we cannot promise a secure, efficient, low-risk network without applying all our proven systems, we only offer two options to make it simple for our customers.

• TotalCare

The name says it all.  Our customized solution for complete management and support of your entire technology infrastructure.  Think of it as hiring our entire team of experts to keep your data and systems secure, available, and running efficiently for maximum uptime, without the concerns of hiring internally, avoiding overhead, taxes, knowledge gaps, vacation gaps, etc. 

We’re here for you whenever you need us including after hours and weekends should an emergency occur.  We function as your company helpdesk and handle unlimited trouble incidents under one monthly agreement.

• TotalCare Security

This offering is a subset of TotalCare and offers the exact same customized solution for complete management and support of your entire technology infrastructure, minus the included helpdesk support. We can still handle all support incidents; we just bill them at a reduced hourly rate. 

This offering is popular for customers who have internal staff that can handle the most common user issues like printers, resource access, etc.  We are then standing by for anything outside of their expertise.  This offering focuses on securing the 5 areas of data breach and maintaining these systems for one monthly agreement.

• Projects

For anything that falls outside our monthly maintenance agreements, we consider that project work and would bill at a reduced hourly rate.  Things like adding a new location, rolling out a new software package, adding devices or hardware to the existing network, replacing older equipment, etc.



Protects Against 5 Areas Of Data Breach Protects Against 5 Areas Of Data Breach
Automated Services For 24x7x365 Device Monitoring & Optimization. Automated Services For 24x7x365 Device Monitoring & Optimization.
Firewall Management Firewall Management
Endpoint Protection / Anti-Ransomware Endpoint Protection / Anti-Ransomware
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Network Administration Network Administration
Dedicated vCIO Dedicated vCIO
Help Desk Services Help Desk Services
Project Consulting Project Consulting
GRAY – Included BLUE – Billed At Reduced Hourly Rates

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