Security Awareness Training

A Company’s Weakest Link

Years ago, the “way in” to your network was through your gateway device or firewall. This device sits between your Internet Service Provider and your internal network.  Its job was to block undesired ports and protocols from entering the network.  Fast forward to today.  Corporate firewall manufacturers have been able to thwart attempts from the bad actors by enhancing their capabilities not only to block specific ports and protocols, but with the ability to inspect the actual data streams trying to enter (or exit for that matter).  Adding many other layers to this, the perpetrators had to find another way in.  Unfortunately, with the proliferation of email, the new targets are employees!

You’ve heard of phishing—the method by which a bad actor entices an end-user to click on a malicious link in an email which has been crafted to fool the user into thinking it is legitimate.  They’ve gotten so good at their craft that employees are now their easiest targets and hence why employees are your biggest threat against attack.

Enter Security Awareness Training (SAT).

Strengthen Your First Line Of Defense

Your employees are the weakest link in your Cybersecurity plan.  Don’t wait until disaster strikes.  Call us to train your staff quickly and effectively.

How it Works

Techspert uses two methods with our SAT platform to easily train employees in a fun and engaging way. 

First, we create a simulated phishing campaign that automatically sends out fake phishing emails to users to log whether or not they click on links.  User actions are compiled which gives administrators the knowledge to focus on specific individuals for further training. 

Second, we supply over a hundred up-to-date, short training videos that explain the most common terms and methods used to trick users. 

This training is available at-will and users can actually compete with others using “screen names” so the tally doesn’t single out any specific employee, but rather incentivizes individuals to train more since scores are based on how many video “quizzes” are completed.

Graphic of man touching a hologram of a security awareness diagram.

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