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Confidence in Their Knowledge & Expertise

I felt fairly confident regarding Cybersecurity with the previous firm I was with, however after learning from you and talking through our current set up, I am nervous we are at risk without further intervention. Techspert’s overall knowledge with current threats and how they change daily made me realize I was missing this important component with my previous vendor. In addition, setting up older proprietary shop related machines was missing.

Also, Techspert’s risk assessment demonstrated how we may be currently and unknowingly exposed. Business is hard enough when everything goes right. To be down an extended period of time in today’s world because of computer issues is too much of a hardship.

Tim Gorbach

Treasurer, A&C Welding, Inc.

Protected & Always There For Us

Regarding Cybersecurity, I feel we are as well protected as we could be.  New threats are always out there, but I am confident Techspert is doing a great job protecting us.  Also, your customer service is outstanding!  Always there when we need you! Thank you!!  If you’ve ever considered a Technology Services company, call me!  I am one of their oldest clients and can testify how good their service really is!

Linda Heine

Controller, Corcoran Tile and Marble, Inc.

Trustworthy Experts Who Care

I’m confident that Techspert is continually pro-active against threat actors. We have yearly discussions at minimum to provide updates and upgrades to our system to keep our company as safe as possible.  We have trusted, and have worked with Techspert so long, there is not much of a comparison to make. Their response time is almost always immediate, and there is always someone on their team to help solve our problems.  I would gladly share their expertise with anyone. I have recommended Techspert to others and will continue to do so.

Ben Yost

Owner, Yost Foods, Inc.

Incomparable Security & Safeguards

I am very secure in knowing that I have the right company working on my network to keep our environment safe and secure.  I can’t compare other IT companies with Techspert because we’ve been doing business for over 20 years!  I would highly recommend Techspert Data Services to anyone.

Sharon Lunato

CEO, Relmec Mechanical, LLC

Prompt & Friendly Problem Solvers

Techspert knows our business and I trust the level of protection that was recommended and implemented. We’ve never used any other company for over 15 years! They always address our issues promptly – love that there is an ability to remote in. Keeps us up to date with scams/issues with a frequent “tips” email. Staff is fantastic – all very knowledgeable and friendly.

Nicole, L. Metzger

Vance P. Truman, Esq.

Living Worry-Free

I feel safe regarding Techspert’s Cybersecurity solutions.  They keep on top of current trends in the industry and we as customers don’t have to worry.  They always respond asap when we need help and then take care of problems or updates in a timely manner.  Thanks for working with us!

Bernie Stumpf

Stumpf Construction

They Talk With Me, Not Over Me

Worrying about data breaches and ransomware are a thing of the past as I think our network is adequately locked down.  Many emailed links do not work because our Cybersecurity defenses see it as potentially malicious but I have yet to run in to an issue where one of you was not on top of the problem almost immediately!  When choosing a Technology Services company, I would say that the top 2 criteria are knowledge and customer service.  Knowing how to talk with people makes rough situations much easier to handle, especially when it comes to a client that is losing their mind over what they feel is or could be a major dilemma.  All your staff that I have dealt with directly have been very professional but at the same time brought themselves to my level or the level of the person they are currently assisting at our department to make the conversation comfortable and easy to understand.

Detective Sergeant Michael Day

Gates Mills Police Department

Eager to Help with Any Request at Any Time

The number of attempts to entice a user to click on malicious links, open .html (web page) files, open “VM/invoice attachment” links, etc. are still arriving to inboxes regularly. All it takes is a click to accept these threats, one can only hope their current systems can stop them. I’m confident that with my experience and knowledge of what to look for coupled with Techspert’s excellent Cybersecurity defenses, these threats are low-risk for us. Techspert’s eagerness and aptitude to handle any request we have for support is tremendous, and appreciated. Techspert is always right there when you need them, and can handle any IT need!

Zachary A. Carlson

Seinor CSR/Quality Assurance, The Kish Company

Exceptionally Responsive, Especially When You Need Them the Most

When it comes to Techspert’s cybersecurity expertise, we feel like we are in a very safe place with the measures that have been implemented. The steps we have taken are a big deterrent to anyone with malicious intentions. Also, Techspert is exceptionally responsive and tentative to any questions or issues that come up. Previous IT companies I’ve dealt with have been challenging to get a hold of, especially when you need them the most. The outsourcing technology services requires trust and I completely confide in the Techspert team to manage and protect all our sensitive data.

Chris Sheiban

Vice President, Sheiban Jewelers

Invaluable Asset to Our Business

With Techspert’s expertise and experience, we feel very secure. Techspert is the only IT firm I’ve worked with and I don’t care to ever find out about any others. I’d recommend Techspert to anyone I know. It’s invaluable to be able to go to an IT firm with problems big or small and have them fixed as quickly as possible.

Jonathan Collins

Diamond Steel Construction Co.

Responsible Communication & Peace of Mind

Since having your company take care of our security issues I have not had any issues. Your communications regarding malware alerts is excellent. I would recommend your company before other Technology Services companies that I’ve considered. I don’t worry about my systems getting hacked again. The price for your services is very reasonable and worth every cent.

Bertha Jenkins

CEO (Ret.), Liniform

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