Full-Coverage WiFi

At Techspert we offer two methods for WiFi implementation:


1. Reconfiguring existing networks and offering helpful recommendations for security, optimal coverage, and speed.

2. Crafting a new WiFi network designed specifically for your operations and location.

Our Process


Planning and Preparation

We understand that change can be daunting, so we’ll take the time to understand your unique needs and craft a tailored plan. From setting up your systems to training your team, we’ll be there every step of the way, providing attentive guidance and support to make your transition smooth and stress-free.

Proposed Design

After we understand everything, we create a detailed plan for the WiFi network. This plan includes deciding how many devices called access points are needed, where to put them, and what kind of cables to use. But we need the customer to choose a specific type of access point they want.

Testing and Optimization

Once we have a plan, we test it to make sure it works well. We temporarily install the access points and check if the WiFi signal is strong in different places. If needed, we make some changes to improve the WiFi signal.


Now it’s time to set up the WiFi network for real. We install the access points in the right places, run cables if needed, and configure everything to make sure the WiFi works well and covers the whole area.

Training and Documentation

We teach the customer’s staff how to use and take care of the WiFi network. We also provide them with reports and diagrams that explain how everything is set up. This will help them if they need to fix something or make changes in the future.


If the customer wants, we can continue to help them with any problems or updates they need for their WiFi network. We’ll make sure it keeps working well and is always up to date.

Our Competitor’s Heat Map:

This is an image of a heat map of wifi spotty coverage.

Our Heat Map:

This is an image of a heat map of wifi full coverage.

By doing a site survey, we can figure out the best way to set up the WiFi network and avoid poor performance. WiFi signals can behave in unpredictable ways and there are many things that can affect how well the network performs. With so many different factors involved, we can’t just guess how good the WiFi will be. We want to make sure Techspert can deliver you reliable WiFi.

Get full-coverage and secure WiFi. The first time.

Regardless of your WiFi needs, we will give you dependable WiFi.

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