Full-Coverage Secured WiFi Access

The Site Survey

Business WiFi has been around for over a decade now but securing it is relatively new. We have identified 6 areas of breach within a WiFi network alone and your business is highly vulnerable to attack if these areas are not protected.  Our proven solution not only seals these holes, but our extensive analysis will provide full-coverage for all desired areas at the highest level of performance based on your needs.

Complex layouts? Need secure guest WiFi access? Is your manufacturing warehouse plagued with dead spots?

Our site survey utilizing specialized hardware and software, gathers a vast amount of data to ensure your optimal WiFi design, regardless of industry. 

Our heat map:

This is an image of a heat map of wifi full coverage.

Their heat map:

This is an image of a heat map of wifi spotty coverage.

Site surveys are pertinent because of unpredictable radio frequency propagation and the fact that you cannot just guess the performance outcome of a WiFi network with so many variables affecting it. Taking into account the large proliferation of WiFi infrastructure, interference from nearby WiFi networks (WLANs) is a key factor making a proper site survey necessary.

Get the Right Full-Coverage Secure WiFi the First Time.

Techspert can also review existing WiFi configurations and offer recommendations for securing, optimal coverage, and speed.